Dazed & Confused Records




Christian Cassar, aka F//asco, is a 27-year-old DJ and upcoming producer from Malta. This past year F//asco has been seen playing in highly sought-after nightclubs in Malta, Amsterdam and Berlin. 

From his early years, Chris showed an affinity for music and songwriting. At the age of twelve he took his first guitar and singing lessons, and just a couple of years later he took up the role as a singer/guitarist and songwriter in a local punk-rock band. The catchy melodic vocals and energetic rhythms made him grow fonder of songwriting and music production. The band managed to release four chart-topping singles, but Chris still felt the urge to experiment with more unconventional and elaborate sounds on his guitar.  

Through this experimentation, Chris decided to start broadening his songwriting horizons and work more with samplers and sound processing units to create pieces he never thought he would be writing. The more he experimented with electronic sounds the more his interests grew in the genre. During the same year, Chris met Dean Demanuele, label owner of Dazed & Confused Records, who gave him an insight into the music industry. His dedication towards music earned Chris a spot as a resident DJ on the same label.

Only a few months have passed since his debut gig as a DJ and Chris has developed his own identity in the electronic music scene with a blend of deep house grooves and melodic synth leads. He has also played several label showcases both locally and across Europe. Currently, Chris’ first EP is in final stages and is expected to be released later on this year.